Tandberg Innovation AS to become part of Zacco Norway AS.

Zacco is pleased to announce that Tandberg Innovation AS will become part of Zacco Norway from Tuesday 15th June 2021.

As Zacco continues its expansion across the Scandinavian Region, the recent acquisition of Tandberg Innovation AS has paved the way for further growth in Oslo and beyond. Now, we are looking forward to taking the next step by merging Tandberg to build on this current success. As a leading IP consultancy in Norway, Tandberg has been at the forefront of innovation funding and their industry leading value adding business model is considered to be revolutionary, with clients only charged for services after funding has been approved. Their understanding of public innovation investment and SkatteFUNN is unrivalled in the region and has been responsible for helping organisations to secure capital investment and funding in some of the most prominent and exciting new IP rights to be issued in Norway. It is this commitment to supporting innovation and fostering research and development that has directly contributed to the high level of trust they have earned during their 130 years of operation in the Norwegian market.

As Tandberg becomes part of Zacco, their expertise will complement Zacco’s wider reach into the European, North American and Middle Eastern markets. Tandberg’s clients will continue to benefit from Zacco’s 360º approach to Intellectual Property, including our identification, management and monitoring of both tangible and intangible assets and they will have access to our brand new, cutting edge case management system. They will also receive access to our distinguished IP Services model, offering the possibility of fully managed validation, docketing, renewals and translations, among other services. The transition should be seamless and all communication will soon start to come directly from Zacco.

The skilled staff at Tandberg Innovation will be joining their new Zacco colleagues in our state of the art office in Skøyen, Oslo, resulting in a significant opportunity to share ideas, combine our extensive legal knowledge and develop a more collaborative working environment. Our commitment to quality is part of what drives the whole of Zacco forward and the level of professionalism and dedication that has been demonstrated by Tandberg assures us that they will quickly feel at home as part of Zacco.

Thomas Rukin, Zacco’s Regional Director for Norway and the UK, said of the merger: “Working with Tandberg as a separate entity has given Zacco the opportunity to significantly enhance its IP expertise across Norway. Their reputation in the Norwegian market is exemplary and, as we have said before, Tandberg is well known for offering trusted counsel and practical advice and these will become an integral part of Zacco’s plans. With this merger, we are looking to the future, expanding our capability and working together for the benefit of our clients.”

Kjell Sommerseth, Tandberg’s CEO, stated “We are looking forward to joining the fantastic team at Zacco. This merger presents a significant opportunity to broaden our service menu and to strengthen our delivery to clients and we welcome the chance to bring our 130 plus years of experience to the Zacco Brand. There has always been a good cultural fit between our companies and we are excited to join forces and see what we can accomplish together.”

Zacco would like to extend a warm welcome to our new colleagues, we are looking forward to working together and we are excited to see what we will accomplish next as One Zacco.

Zacco will work together with Tandberg to make the transition as seamless as possible but if you have any questions, please reach out to Kjell Sommerseth.


What does this currently mean for Tandberg Clients?

Tandberg will be able to provide a significantly larger range of services to its clients and help them to explore new markets as part of Zacco’s international reach. Many services will remain as they are but the expanded pool of competence and experience will offer a more streamlined response.

You will also have access to our experienced paralegals who have the capacity and capability to efficiently manage, support and administer your Intellectual Property portfolio.

Will we see any changes in how Tandberg operates?

For the coming period, Tandberg will continue to operate as it does today but will soon be integrated into the Zacco brand. There will be more time to focus on clients, as Zacco has started to incorporate some of the operational and administrative processes behind the scenes.

 We have already initiated the co-ordination of resources between our organisations, securing alignment and quality on handling of tasks. The only thing Tandberg clients should notice is a new name on the top of all communications.

Who will be the new contacts?

Tandberg clients will still be able to get in touch with their regular contact for anything you may need. Over the coming months we will continue to integrate some Tandberg services into our wider offering and you may be introduced to members of the Zacco team, such as our paralegals.